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Ereri AU where Levi is a pizza delivery guy and Eren orders pizza and for the special instructions he asks for Levi's number.


(YOU KNOW I. I have already written something like this before but reversed but OKAY)


Eren rubs his sweaty palms along his pant legs, grimacing. He’s… he’s just done it. He’s actually fucking done it.

He knows that Levi is working tonight, so he’ll be the one that sees it. (After four months of extensive not-stalking Eren is sure that Levi works every Wednesday. Also he knows that Wednesdays are slow, so Levi shouldn’t be in too bad of a mood.) So honestly, this is the best day he could have put his plan into action. A fine plan it is, too.

Eren just barely stops himself from lunging forward and attempting to cancel out the order he’d just placed (a large pizza, extra cheese, and onion rings - his usual Wednesday fare), instead gripping at his knees and focusing on his breathing.

This is a horrible goddamned plan. Why hadn’t anyone tried to stop him? Oh wait, Armin had, when Eren brought it up a few weeks ago. Eren distinctly remembers laughing and patting Armin’s shoulder and promising he hadn’t been serious, because it’s obviously a ridiculous idea to try to ask someone out this way.

And yet, here he sits. Waiting.

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In college, we don’t say “I love you”, we say “I have 5 essays, two finals, and 3 group projects due in the next 8 days” which translates to “I would like to be crushed by a train” and I think that’s pretty cool.

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  • Anime watchers: Haha Rei and Shougo would be a nice ship!!
  • Manga readers: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I am gonna cry

In America, Kagami got low marks because the questions were in english and he couldn’t understand them at that time

And In Japan, Kagami gets low marks because the questions are in japanese and he can’t fully understands them for being using english too much time

someone save this child please


1. Disney, take note. Female characters don’t always have to be pretty.

2. Even if Korrasami will never happen in canon, they’re giving us plenty to work with without going into the realm of queer baiting.

3. I never expected they’d let a female character go bald and have tattoos. Bravo. Bra fucking vo. Also: so Aang.



The Mokin are a group in Thailand that are nomadic and have a sea-based culture. 

In the sea there is less light, so usually one’s iris will dilate. But the Mokin have an adaption where instead of dilating, they constrict as much as possible. 

This allows them to see with much better clarity. Recent studies suggest that any child can quickly learn this trick. It exemplifies how well our brain adapts to our environment. 


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when ur old otp from ur old fandom comes back to hit u in the face like


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Studio MIR blows my mind


miss is one word

praised the lord for having him gone is another

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● T E A M  S E I R I N ● | KnB S2 OP1


I reply to peoples texts way too fast that its actually embarrassing

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We’ll be back with Book 4 as soon as possible. Hopefully it won’t be released only on smartwatches or some other inane platform.

Bryan Konietzko 

Cheeky Bryan is the best Bryan.

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